Steep Hill provides financial consulting services for mergers and acquisitions of companies, sales of companies and assets, changes in ownership structure in companies, acquisition of growth capital, financing of projects and companies. In addition to executing transactions, we also provide clients with strategic planning and decision-making services (such as the intended expansion to new markets or new segments), business valuation and restructuring cases.

Founded in February 2013, the company was established to create a consulting company for longtime and new clients who emphasize loyalty, confidentiality, personal attitude and professionalism. We have experience in the financial services sector since 2004, notably in M ​​& A, corporate finance, corporate banking, valuation and equity research.

For our clients, we perform transactions across multiple sectors. Most often we are looking for clients from the IT, renewable and real estate industries, and we have gained customer confidence in sectors such as automotive, financial services, retail and services, telecommunications and healthcare.

A large number of partnerships, professional and personal contacts allow us to effectively search and analyze suitable investment opportunities, identify and address investors in Slovakia and abroad. Our clients are accompanied by transactions from the beginning to the end, defining opportunities and risks for them, identifying the individual factors of the value of the investment opportunity, defining the structure of the transaction and realizing with the client the individual transaction steps leading to the achievement of the transaction goal.

We show and discern the path to the client to the very top