Our previous experience in M ​​& A includes advice on setting up a JV project (worth € 5bn) to build a new nuclear power plant in Jaslovské Bohunice between Javys and CEZ.

We have been active in major buy-side, sell-side and capital raising transactions for international clients (Sumitomo Corp., Extensa Group, Asseco Central Europe), private companies (Aliter Technologies, Tempest, Sofip) private equity groups (Mid Europa, J & T, Jan, SRKF) and for various local private entrepreneurs.

Also included are corporate banking experience at Halifax Bank of Scotland in London and Citigroup in Bratislava. We managed a portfolio of borrowers from the large corporations segment (FTSE 200 in the UK and sales over € 35 million in Slovakia).

We were responsible for structuring customer credit lines and participated in the credit approval process in banking institutions. The client-side portfolio included Midas Capital Partners, British Nuclear Fuels Ltd, VT Group plc, Prince Alwaleed’s Fairmont Hotels, Maspex Wadowice SA, Slavia Capital and Slovak Railways.

Aliter Technologies has acquired stock in the British company Runecast

Press | 10/06/20

“We consider Runecast to be a leader in analyzing, monitoring and managing stability, security and return on investment in both local and cloud infrastructure and makes a synergy to the portfolio of technologies we offer to our customers,” said Peter Dostál, CEO of Aliter Technologies. Following the previous entry into Tidal Migrations, this is another step for the company in strengthening its competencies in the field of cloud infrastructure.

Aliter Technologies is a technology company that provides solutions to support military and non-military crisis management, ICT infrastructure and cybersecurity. It is a supplier to NATO and other international organizations, ministries of defense and law enforcement agencies, and largest suppliers in the defense and security industry.

Runecast is a technology product company that provides a platform focused on predictive analysis, monitoring, reporting, and auditing of ICT infrastructure to identify configuration issues and compliance with security standards for systems operating in local or cloud environments.

Steep Hill s.r.o. was retained as an exclusive buy-side financial adviser by Aliter Technologies a.s. in the acquisition of the minority stake in Runecast Solutions Ltd.

Waycare Raises $7.25M to Fuel Further Advancements in AI-Based Transportation Tech

Waycare closes Series A funding round to make further advancements in AI-based connected mobility solution for transportation agencies.


Today Waycare, an AI-based connected mobility platform for transportation agencies, announced that it has raised $7.25 million in Series A funding led by SJF Ventures, with participation from UpWestNext Gear VenturesInnogySpider CapitalGoldbellZymestic Solutions, and janom. The new funding will drive Waycare’s expansion efforts in North America and Europe, along with enhancements to its cloud-based platform.

In addition to the new round of investment, Waycare announced that Jim Ray will be joining its Board of Directors. Mr. Ray is the former Senior Advisor to USDOT Secretary Elaine Chao, bringing decades of experience in transportation and infrastructure policy. Dan Geballe, Partner at SJF Ventures, also joined the Waycare Board.

Founded in Israel and with a Los Angeles office, Waycare is an AI and cloud-based platform that empowers transportation agencies to make smarter decisions related to traffic management and traffic safety. Waycare leverages vast amounts of data coming from the existing transportation network and in-vehicle data sources to provide actionable new insights. Waycare’s first commercial deployment with Southern Nevada in 2017 demonstrated improvements in reducing both primary and secondary crashes, also improving response times and multi-agency communication. Since then, Waycare has expanded to Florida, Ohio, and other states across the United States. Waycare plans to expand its services in Europe and Israel in 2020.

“Transportation agencies across the world are grappling with the burden of improving traffic safety and congestion that affects their city’s residents, while at the same time meeting the demands of rapid changes in the mobility sector,” said Noam Maital, CEO of Waycare. “Waycare is fortunate to be at the crossroads of serving the public sector while partnering with the wider mobility ecosystem to help cities and states build the next generation of transportation operating systems.”

Waycare’s continued growth is, in part, due to its ability to provide decision-makers with tangible insights quickly, and without requiring costly changes to existing infrastructure. Jim Ray noted that “As someone who has been working in the public sector for many years, what is exciting about Waycare is that they can be a key to enabling the public sector to adapt to the changes that are coming our way.”

While Waycare continues to work with transportation agencies to prevent crashes and enable smarter traffic management decisions, it also serves as the foundation for future adoption of new mobility solutions such as autonomous vehicles, microtransit, scooters, and advanced public transit.

“Over the past decade, we’ve seen a transformation not only in the amount of data coming from various mobility modes such as connected vehicles, but also in the advancement of artificial intelligence technologies to interpret and learn from data,” said Dan Geballe, Partner at SJF Ventures. “Waycare is a prime example of how AI can be deployed in the public sector to better leverage data and existing infrastructure to improve outcomes–in this case reducing traffic, injuries, and deaths on the roads.”

About Waycare
Waycare is a cloud-based SaaS platform harnessing data from sources such as GPS navigation apps, connected vehicles, and infrastructure to provide actionable insights which improve traffic and safety management operations. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Waycare provides predictive insights to identify dangerous roads where future crashes are likely to occur, empowering proactive decision-making. Waycare is shaping the future of urban mobility, enabling cities to take full control of their roads and directly communicate with other departments and vehicles throughout their transportation networks.

Role of Steep Hill

Steep Hill s.r.o. was retained as the buyside adviser and the investment manager by Zymestic Solutions s.r.o. and janom s.r.o. in both Seed and Series A capital raising rounds of Waycare Technologies.

Sale of the 100% ownership interest in the Ecological Laboratories in Eastern Slovakia

Bratislava, April 2019

A private investment group specializing in the delivery of services in clinical biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, molecular biology and pathology, which also develops, manufactures and distributes human and veterinary laboratory technology, has acquired a 100% ownership interest in the Environmental Laboratories in Eastern Slovakia.

 Steep Hill, s.r.o. was retained as an exclusive financial advisor by the seller of the 100% ownership interest in the Ecological Laboratories.

ČEZ LDS s.r.o., a subsidiary of ČEZ ESCO, a.s., acquired 100% stake in TMT Energy, a.s.

Trnava, 10 July 2018

ČEZ LDS s.r.o., an experienced provider of the local distribution services to corporate clients operating in various industries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, has acquired 100% stake in TMT Energy, a.s. (now rebranded as ČEZ Distribučné sústavy a.s.) from the Slovak-Belgian shareholder TOP Development a.s.

TMT Energy, a.s. owns and operates a local utility company focused on the distribution and supply of electricity and natural gas in the retail and industrial zone “The Mall Trnava” near the Trnava PSA Peugeot Citroën Slovakia plant.

Steep Hill s.r.o. was retained as  an exclusive sell-side financial adviser by the Slovak-Belgian shareholder TOP Development a.s. in a transaction of the sale of the 100% of ordinary shares in TMT Energy, a.s.

Asseco invests in new products and solutions

Bratislava, 21 June 2018

In the financial year 2017, Asseco Central Europe Group significantly reinforced its market position, expanded its product and solution portfolio, and simultaneously delivered strong business growth, as well. The group focused on investments in the companies with the high value added products and has continued with this strategy going forward. Asseco Central Europe’s investment in the company CEIT was selected as one of the top events of the year 2017, by the weekly business magazine Trend. Among other things, the successes of Asseco Central Europe were rewarded by Asseco Group and, consequently its decision to found a new headquarters – Asseco International, a.s. in Bratislava. This will create new business opportunities and offer room for broadening of the portfolio. Due to these reasons Asseco Central Europe have decided to invest in the document management and processing systems and the related processes through the acquisition of the company DWC Slovakia a.s.

„DWC Slovakia is a well-established company in the Slovak market and owns the solutions that we haven’t had in our portfolio, so far. The company offers exceptionally successful technologies, which have been applied in the currently largest eGovernment project of the whole public administration at the federal level in Germany. Building on our experiences and our customers‘ requirements we have decided to enrich Asseco Central Europe’s offering with the solutions on the Document Management System basis, Workflow a Content Governance. Furthermore, we would like to introduce these solutions to the international markets right through Asseco International“ said Jozef Klein, CEO a Chairman of the Board of Asseco Central Europe on the occasion of the agreement sign-off.

DWC’s products offer the customers more efficient solutions in the area of document management, encompassing the document lifecycle, from its submission to the completion. It offers the solutions which increase the speed, the efficiency and the transparency of administrative processes. It includes workflow management applications and related approval processes.

Steep Hill s.r.o. provided the transaction advisory services to the selling shareholders of the company DWC Slovakia a.s.

Asseco Central Europe is one of the most powerful software houses in the Central and Eastern Europe. It operates in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. It carries out demanding projects for both businesses and public administration. Portfolio includes banking and insurance information systems, information systems for health care, building societies, card payment systems, data warehouses, energy and utilities , Business Intelligence solutions, ERP and other tailor-made solutions. In present, the Asseco CE group has 3,000 employees. Asseco Central Europe is a member of the international group Asseco. For more information refer to:

Steep Hill s.r.o. provides financial consulting services for mergers and acquisitions of companies, sales of companies and assets, changes in ownership structure in companies, acquisition of growth capital, financing of projects and companies. In addition to executing transactions, we also provide clients with strategic planning and decision-making services (such as the intended expansion to new markets or new segments), business valuation and restructuring cases, since 2013. For more information please refer to our website:

A facility for seniors and the Alzheimer’s Center will be set up in Dúbravka

BRATISLAVA, Dec. 28 (SITA) – Griffin Company, s.r.o. at the beginning of December, has taken an investment of several million euros from the Alternative Financing Funds co-managed by Credit Value Investments (CVI), which will be able to carry out its business plan to build a social services facility in Bratislava, Dúbravka.

According to the published information, the Dúbravská oasis of peace and relaxation project counts with a capacity of 147 beds and will create a specialized facility for clients with Alzheimer’s disease, social services home, nursing home, regeneration-rehabilitation center or day care center.

The complex is to be built by the complete reconstruction of the accommodation blocks and the social part of the unused complex of buildings covering an area of 21 401 square meters.

Credit Value Investments spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzianoscia sp.k. is an independent company based in Poland, which operates in cooperation with Noble Funds as a professional investment manager of Polish closed-end investment funds. He is one of the leaders in bond financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as in real estate in Central and Eastern Europe. CVI manages investment funds that invest in corporate debt with different credit risk profiles and manages assets totaling more than $ 1.2 billion. euros.

Throughout the transaction negotiation process and the key steps of its implementation, CVI was represented by Kinstellar attorney. Transaction-related financial advice, which was signed on 30 November 2017, was provided by Steep Hill s.r.o., a consulting firm focused on mergers, acquisitions, corporate sales and financing.